About MotoVac

MotoVac was created by Rod McMahon (Electrical Engineer) and George Harrison (builder and project manager) to respond to a shared frustration with carburetor synchronization. Both interested in motorbikes, they wanted an easier way to sync carburetors quickly without manual dials and to give themselves more data from the motors that they are testing.

In early 2019, MotoVac announced the official launch of a mobile carburetor synchronization system that you can control with your Android smartphone. It’s a MotoVac digital vacuum gauge with some additional features that ease and fasten balancing carburetors and throttle bodies, making it simple and fool proof. In addition you can view results on your smartphone via a wireless connection instantly after an easy set up process.

All the MotoVac units come with color-coded vacuum pipes to connect to the engine and after set up all that’s left is to connect your Android smartphone Wi-Fi to the MotoVac unit.

There are two models currently available for either 2 cylinder or 4 cylinder engines. Both can connect to an internal 9V battery or a vehicle’s 12V battery. MotoVac will provide all connectors.

Motovac is shipping worldwide and can be purchase using PayPal to ease and ensure safe and secure shipping.

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